An innovative and modular artificial general intelligence (AGI) framework designed to help developers create cutting-edge applications in various domains. Built with JavaScript and featuring a flexible Entity-Component-System (ECS) architecture, ChipprAGI aims to provide a scalable and customizable solution for building complex, AI-driven applications.


A powerful template designed to create mixed reality front-ends for Chippr-AGI applications. By combining the capabilities of A-Frame.js, a JavaScript-based VR/AR ECS framework, and Preact, a lightweight version of the React framework, ChipprAGI-AFRAME-REACT offers UX developers a fast and efficient way to visualize interactions with Chippr-AGI.

The Force BCI

A groundbreaking neurotech project that focuses on creating a brain-computer interface (BCI) using the Crown personal EEG. Designed for hobbyist neurotech scientists, mind hackers, and BCI researchers, The Force aims to simplify the process of monitoring kinesis triggers and mapping them to hotkeys in Windows using Node.js.

Chipprbots Mono Repo

A comprehensive repository designed to manage and maintain the devSecOps pipelines for Chippr’s internal operations. This project not only ensures the smooth functioning of Chippr’s software development process but also demonstrates the company’s commitment to transparency and open-source principles.