An innovative and modular autoGPT framework designed to help developers create cutting-edge applications in various domains. It aims to provide a scalable and customizable solution for building complex, AI-driven applications.

Project Goals

The main purpose of ChipprAGI is to provide a modular artificial general intelligence (AGI) JavaScript framework that enables developers to create complex applications in various domains.

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Unlock the power of ChipprAGI and join the growing community of developers, engineers, and researchers using our innovative AGI framework. Our packages are readily available on GitHub, Docker Hub, and npm, making it easy for you to access, integrate, and deploy ChipprAGI in your projects. By clicking on the call-to-action buttons below, you’ll be taken directly to the respective repositories, where you can download, contribute, and stay up-to-date with the latest releases. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your work with ChipprAGI — get started today!

Why Choose Us

Flexibility and scalability

ChipprAGI’s modular architecture allows developers to build complex applications that can be easily scaled and adapted to different use cases.


The Entity-Component-System (ECS) architecture promotes reusability of code, making it easier to assemble and maintain applications.

Seamless integration

ChipprAGI’s integration with advanced language models and other AI technologies enables developers to create powerful, intelligent applications.

Customization options

Developers can easily create custom components, systems, and integrations to suit their specific requirements.

Key Features

ChipprAGI is being built for a rapidly evolving AI landscape and is designing for rapid integration with other systems

Entity-Component-System (ECS) Architecture

Provides a flexible and scalable foundation for application development.

Modular Components & Systems

Allows for easy customization and reusability of code.

Simple Language Model Integration

Enables advanced natural language processing capabilities.