End of Active Service with Ethereum Classic


Firstly, I have thoroughly enjoyed the 4+ years of being a part of the ETC community, seeing it grow, take form, and riding the roller-coaster with my internet friends and acquaintances. We were pioneers and have unquestionably left a positive mark on the blockchain industry and open source software. My time we here has given me rare insights into decentralization and leaderless organizations and an amazing opportunity to develop next generation technology with brilliant like minded people.

Why I’m Leaving

As many of you know, ETC has always been a volunteer/passion project for me. My pursuits here have to be balanced with my other obligations in life. This pattern was easier to maintain in pre-covid times and when the project was in incubation. I want to enjoy the last few years of my children’s childhood. My wife, and love of my life Jen, has always supported me in this pursuit also, but my time at ETC has always come at the expense of some family time. The calculus on the value of those hours has changed in the last year. I no longer want to be tethered to my phone arguing with strangers online during diner and homework time. And I want more freedom to have time to explore new and exciting technology as well.

The Road Ahead

Unquestionably, ETC and I are both in better places than when we started. The network and its participants are coming to a fork in the road. The treasury conversation we’ve had off and on for 4 years may be coming to a resolution in the next few months. if not obvious until this point, I will not be participating and will try hard to refrain from any further intervention either way. ETC has always been a managed chain like all public projects with shared goals. That is what a community does and how highly specialized technology is maintained. The conversation now is whether it is to be semi-autonomous or supported with a superfan helping it grow. Both are very valid models that are in keeping with the history and spirit of ETC. I am neutral now and look forward to seeing the peaceful split of communities or emergent governance that develops.

Selling assets

I think there are several possibilities of future states for ETC. I have privately informed Terry(etc labs), Charles(iog), and Bob(Coop) last week I will be selling the rights to the domains I have in my possession to whichever is the highest bidder by November 30th. If none of them can find a way to value it, the domains will go to public auction. This bidding is not any indication of someone buying the chain ETC itself or a corporate takeover, though it will likely be framed as such by the non-winners. The community should make their voice heard on this as well. All three love ETC and have valid roadmaps and development plans. I don’t want the burden of having to be king maker if a chain-split is the best path for growth.Especially as I plan to disengage from actively participating. Managing a domain or repo has been an honor and the community will be fortunate with any outcome.


As i spin down, I will be making this hopefully as seamless as possible.

-I will keep kotti validator running until a replacement operator can be transitioned in properly.

– I am happy to remain in a non paid advisory position on boards until a their natural resolution.

– I will continue administrative duties on the github repo until the community finds a replacement.

– I will retain my community wallet keys and gladly use them to unlock funds when needed


I am forever grateful for the people I have met, the debates we have had, the amazing community that exists, and the memories I’ll always have. I look forward to cheering from the sidelines as ETC embarks on its next exciting phase of the amazing journey. But for me, this is where Peter Pan must leave Neverland.

Semper Fi,

Cody (DontPanic) Burns

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